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Cemeteries & Zoos

Three years ago I lost someone who I have great respect for. I am honored to tell my kids about him.

After spending time talking to the girls about Uncle George and Aunt Jean we met Tina’s family at the zoo. The weather was cool and the animals were out and about, the snow leopards were on the move.

The lions were still sleeping

The girls were just as excited to hang out with their Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle & Aunt as they were to see the animals! The girls fell asleep the moment we got back to the car.



It was a great day remembering our past and spending time with those still here!







Saturday At the Market

I have wanted to do a photo post for a while so without further ado here is the photo post about our day at the Farmers’ Market:


The sky was blue, the temperature was perfect, so a day trip was in order. The Millarville Market was calling. Nora the Cherry fiend probably ate a pound of Cherry’s. She really knows how to sweet talk the sample people into giving her seconds.


Bee Keeping as a hobby! I don’t think the condo board will go for it.

Balloons always somehow make their way into our adventures. Ugh:(

I always think it is ironic that Farmers’ markets now have so many different ethnic type things. Tina (Left) is looking at an East Indian curry sauce stand and there was a stand with Mexican food.





Donkeys, Llamas, and one big turkey. Petting zoos never fail to amaze.


A petting zoo needs at least one dinosaur!

 One of many stops to the Mr. P Potty exhibit.


Tired but no tears. Fun was had by all and I was able to take a bunch of great pics on the way home that capture what is meant by Alberta Blue!

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