Tis the season for the school Christmas concerts and this week was full of them. The public system is not known for its ability to really capture the true meaning of the season however I feel that the school my girls go to did make a step in the right direction. They had the typical “I love Santa” songs but they also had one song called Together We Can Change the World. The song is a starting point to show how and why as Christians we need to be working to change the world. With all the things that are broken in our world God has paved a path of restoration.

I believe it’s not too late
Together we can change the world
Lay the puzzle pieces out
Find out what it’s all about
Together we can change the world

The body of believers is called to come together as we hold the puzzle pieces. Putting them together we see a picture of God’s love. A love that takes the responsibility to restore what once was lost. Through out the Old Testament we see God not man taken on the redemptive plan. God provided the ram for Abraham, God passed between the animal halves taking on the full responsibility of the covenant, God stepped down into this world to crush the head of the serpent. Our role as a believer is to reach out to the widows, orphans, and poor, to defend them and protect them. It is our role to declare His role and to become a servant just as Christ is a servant to us.

Can’t do it by myself
So I’m asking for your help
Together we can change the world

Alone we are not able to accomplish very much. Together we accomplish menial tasks that might look good to the world, but they lack any eternal effects. With God, together we can can accomplish great things that change things now and for eternity. Bread alone does not sustain us but every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD” (see Deuteronomy 8.3 and Matthew 4.4). Christ alone, the great shepherd, paved the path we are simply on it.

Together we can change the world, but we must join Christ as He does it.