This is a reply I received about my recent Prayer Costs Lives response post. It shows how healing should be viewed as my response was about how God was not to blame in that situation and how the church in the original article was not following a true Gospel centered faith. I was looking at how the SCOAN beliefs reveal the fallenness of humanity.

The Reply:

Although I thinks I see where you are coming from on this I have some cautionary rebuttals. Faith and prayer DOES heal and absolutely is Biblical and is taught (James 5:13-16), although there is cause that it maybe shouldn’t be the only avenue pursued. I would also side that Paul worried little about the weather or how good he felt when he considered the calling God placed on his life to go and preach the gospel and encourge and teach the churches. He knew that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). He pressed on knowing that hard times were likely to come – and they did. I think stubborness and a lack of listening to the Spirit is a larger problem and lack of seeking God`s will in the midst of our pain and sufferrng (Perhaps that’s teh part of teh teaching that is being left out). It is closed minded to think that we should ignore all other assistance and convince ourselves that we know just sitting and fasting and praying is the answer – God raerly calls us to be still although we might want to ask Him if He`s wanting us to slow from the busyness of life that has distracted us from Him when we are struck with a physical ailment for example.

As I type I`m reminded that the life we live is really not about us at all, it`s about God and Christ our Lord and what He would like to do through us and in us. I`m reminded of a good friend and fellow brother in Christ whom I recently released into the Lord`s eternal care – he said to me at one point as he battled cancer for the second time in 8 years “I believe it`s possible that my being sick and having hope and faith could possibly be to encourage others and make a statement that there is hope in times of trouble. The nurses and doctor`s don`t get it yet, they say that they don`t think I realize how serious my condition is, simply because I can face it with hope and trust that God is in control. Maybe my healing 8 years ago even though I know it was God, was to get my attention but was also to encourage the medical team who worked on me that they didn`t have to loose another patient.“ He was looking past his situation and looking at how God might use him to encourage others – putting others before self. Yet he believed (as did I) that prayer and the anointing of oil called on and invited in the healing hand of God. And he did experience some physical healings and miracles taht allowed him more time here with us in the midst of his last physical battle – PRAISE GOD! We believed and had faith that God could heal him but trusted and were faithful to believe that God was in control. The doctors and medical staff were great, but without a heart for Christ and a connection in prayer, I don`t believe that I could have ever been that alright as a primarily spiritual being to be able to say good bye for now to a good friend. It was a first and was beautiful although sad. Being genuine and strong in believing in His power to heal and protect though is another issue entirely.

It`s possible I may have misunderstood your view as I just reread some of the post (and I confess I didn`t read the article that inspired your post) but to say that prayer and faith for healing is not taught in the Bible and is false teaching is inaccurate I feel.

I strongly agree with you that there are far too many misrepresentations of the healing power of Christ such as the church referenced in the article and people use God as their marketing and sales manager to get the things they want – ultimately provoked by greed and the love of money which our Lord teaches very clearly on as well, as you know. That`s a whole entire other topic again too but I have to leave this reference at least – Matt. 6:24.

This is good stuff and thanks for posting – it spurs on good reflection, seeking and meditation on these things. I have too much going through my head on this now so I have to stop. I`ll end with this when we think on this topic or any other – Can we say that we are or at least are striving towards a life where we love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul and all our strength? (Deut. 6:5, Matt. 22:37) It’s our faith that brings healing and we need to also accept that sometimes the healing we seek in our finite minds is not the healing God will bring us. My friend was healed, not in the physical – no – he went to be with Jesus, God called him home at this point in his journey which was the ultimate healing. Faith and belief in the Son and His power brings about healing (Luke 8:40-55), not doctors, or potions or medicines or machines or technology although God may or may not choose to use these in our present day as part of His plan to heal us as we trust and have faith.

Love you brother – God guide, bless, direct, encourage, embolden and keep you for His Name sake as His faithful servant!