This is a post I wrote on September 3rd 2006 and is unedited from its original form. I recently watched A PBS Nova program called The Illusion of Time and it reminded me of this post. With all the Christmas Happenings I haven’t had a lot of time to spend thinking and writing but I think this fits what is currently occupying my thoughts. I highly suggest watching the PBS program.


Time is a strange thing. Life is a race against time, is it not? We make lists of things we want to do, buy, see before we die. We say things like “at least he got to experience this”. What do we do with time? Here in China time just seems to be something that goes by and you jump on it when you need to. “When will you bring us water?” you ask. “Tonight around 7,” They reply. Yet it takes you three tries to get it delivered. “When is our meeting?” you ask. “Today at 2,” they reply. Yet your meeting is delayed three times and doesn’t start until 3:30. It is the exact opposite in NA. “When will you bring us water?” you ask. “Tonight around 7,” they reply. And it shows up at 7 or you call and complain. “When is our meeting?” you ask. “Today at 2,” they reply. And the meeting starts at 2 and if you are late you get fired. No matter how you look at time shapes our relationships. It is at the center of everything we do whether we use it or not.

Time exists. It is more than a theory or philosophy, it is a proven scientific measurement. It is the 4th dimension. We can’t ignore its effects on our beauty. So what do we have left when time takes its prize. We have relationship! Even something as powerful as the universe is finite. Stars die, planets die, plants die, bugs die, people die. So how does relationships trump time? Because there is one person that is not in temporal creation. He is in a place that time can not touch and He seeks our souls. He doesn’t just seek them, He longs for them so much that He actually entered times arena to repair what we had destroyed. Whether you love Him for it or push Him away it doesn’t change how He feels about you. We can’t love Him without Him loving us first. He is love (1 Cor. 13.4-13). Seek that relationship and time will loose its hold on you.

Don’t let time win!