I have wanted to do a photo post for a while so without further ado here is the photo post about our day at the Farmers’ Market:


The sky was blue, the temperature was perfect, so a day trip was in order. The Millarville Market was calling. Nora the Cherry fiend probably ate a pound of Cherry’s. She really knows how to sweet talk the sample people into giving her seconds.


Bee Keeping as a hobby! I don’t think the condo board will go for it.

Balloons always somehow make their way into our adventures. Ugh:(

I always think it is ironic that Farmers’ markets now have so many different ethnic type things. Tina (Left) is looking at an East Indian curry sauce stand and there was a stand with Mexican food.





Donkeys, Llamas, and one big turkey. Petting zoos never fail to amaze.


A petting zoo needs at least one dinosaur!

 One of many stops to the Mr. P Potty exhibit.


Tired but no tears. Fun was had by all and I was able to take a bunch of great pics on the way home that capture what is meant by Alberta Blue!