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The Salvation Army is calling you to pray

Sunday September 25 may pass just like any other regular Sunday or you can start something that will shake the foundations of the most horrific evil of our day. Next Sunday General Lisa Bond is calling the Salvation Army and the rest of the world to a day of Prayer against Human Trafficking. This atrocity is taking place around the world from India to Sierra Leone, from China to the USA, from the Philippines to Canada. This is a worldwide issue that crosses all boarders. Boys are sold to pick crops like cocoa and coffee. Girls are sold to clean houses and sew. Adults think they are getting jobs in factories. Women, girls, and boys are all in demand in the sex trade. Every day 2500 people are sold into slavery on average for $1000 US. My 2002 minivan is worth more than a human.

We have taken something that God has made priceless and put a cheap price tag on it. Christ came so that we may have life. Here’s our chance to shine light into the darkness. Let’s join together and pray for the victims.


If you want to learn more checkout these places:

  1. The CBC ‘s Passionate Eye showed a British Doc. about Chocolate that was really eye opening – The Bitter Truth 
  2. A local group is www.actalberta.org/
  3. the Salvation Army and Samaritans Purse work all over the world to help victims.
  4. As per a source who works in this field the movie Taken, a part from the whole shoot-em up stuff, is fairly accurate about how easy it is to become a victim and the inner workings of the people who sell other humans.
  5. The Day My God Died (Watch it below) –  – An unforgettable look at young girls in Bombay whose lives are shattered by the child sex trade.
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