I think one of the best parts of our trip so far is the lack of television.

Do you see in 1 Corinthians 15 when death loses its sting? Do you see when it’s swallowed up in victory and can no longer create mourning? It is when we put on the imperishable. So, at funerals we mourn and we hurt; death stings, and there is real loss. This text rightly used at a funeral should point us to hope of the day where it won’t sting any longer…If he justifies us, he will glorify us (Romans 8:30).

Matt Chandler, The Explicit Gospel, page 169

We cannot pretend that death does not sting. It still hurts and shows us that the world is still broken. We take hope not in the idea that everything is right now, but that Christ will return and make all things new. Everything on earth and in heaven will be renewed to how it was supposed to be.

Strawberry picking – despite the rain it was a blast. By the end of our vacation we will definitely be sick of them since we filled 3 ice cream pails.