A lot of my memories growing up have this camera in them, from the Christmas family photo to vacations on the other side of the world. It was this camera that instilled in me a desire to capture the world around me. Last week I found it in my dad’s closet. Here are a few things I attempted to capture.

Testing it on the girls, should have used the flash but I still like the contrast.







Long exposures have always fascinated me so I attempted it

According to the Skyview App on my iPhone this next one is a picture of Arcturus (bright star at bottom of pic) in the constellation Boötes and is about 36.7 light years away.

Testing out different exposure lengths I was able to get a couple of cool pics of the Big Dipper.

90 sec exposure – stars are starting to streak. I think it is pretty neat, but would be really cool to leave it a little longer but still be able to make out the shape of the Big Dipper.

20 sec exposure of the Big Dipper












Next I found an open spot in the sky with a bunch of stars and tried a 120 second exposure (left) compared to a 20 second exposure (right).

2 minute exposure pointing west

20 sec exposure pointing west










A tree and a star at 10:30 pm

I also tried out a HDR pic with my phone.

I am pretty excited how they turned out, but I like this next one the best. It has a real man and creation feel with the moon so bright over the street light.

I love how this one turned out. The moon out shining the street light. Kind of feels Instagram-ish, but the only editing on this is cropping.

At 50 cents a print I think the 35mm will be an occasional hobby, but I really enjoyed playing around with the camera and figuring out some basics.