Saw this post the other day, it is a pretty interesting video about the spread of God’s word. The first 10 minutes of the talk gives a brief religious history of China before Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism. The rest of the video is about how Chinese characters have the stories of the Old Testament in them. I watched a BBC documentary a few years ago that also looked at how Christian artifacts can be found in China a few centuries after its rise in Rome. It is neat to see God’s work in places that until recently we had no idea he was even working. Our God is a God of all nations as stated in Genesis 12.3. Below is the post by Awake My Soul:

My God is the God of the Chinese people.

October 31st, 2011 § 2 Comments

WOW.I grew up believing that Christianity was a western faith. A faith that belonged to people such as Barack Obama or George W Bush. A faith that didn’t have anything to do with my Chinese background and roots. Tonight, God woke me up suddenly to speak to me about this after a passion to reach out to my Hainanese-speaking Grandma was re-ignited.How can we give excuses now? God has been trying to speak to us ever since we could write our first Chinese words. The Bible is literally in our Chinese words. Now I can stand proud that I am Chinese and tell people about Shang Di. The One and Most High God. Hallelujah!!