When we lived in Asia there was this beautiful Cathedral in the middle of a market area. I have never been to the great Cathedrals of Europe, but standing in this one was inspiring. One thing I truly appreciated for the first time was stained glass. Living in a country where language was a barrier it was neat to see the Gospel in a way that language was taken out. My pictures are from the outside due to a bad camera. Viewing them from in the chapel I was awestruck at how the filtered light changed the mood of the sanctuary.

The time and effort one puts into making something reflect their beliefs really shows what it means to them. Stained glass is an example of the beauty of the Gospel. It shows how God’s story and rescue plan shines through us. We are not the story, nor do we have the power to rescue ourselves, but we are the glass that the light shines through. The light is filtered a little differently through each of us as we bring our own brokenness however the source stays the same.