The girls have this movie that they love watching and like any good children’s program it has far too many songs that all seem to get stuck in my head.  One song in this particular movie has a huge teachable moment. It is a song about a girl and what she means to this main character. It looks at this hole in the boy’s life and the void seems so big especially since he doesn’t know who the girl is, he heard her singing and now needs to find her. The few words he heard her sing stirred deep into his soul revealing this void. And the rest of the movie is about him finding this girl.

Like the boy in the movie I have had a similar experience. With just a few words my soul was stirred and a void was revealed. The words are one of my earliest memories from when I was merely 3 years old, but they shaped the direction of my life. With those words I searched for the person that spoke them. As I thought I was getting closer to knowing who I was I found that I really didn’t. Everything came back to the voice I had heard and needing to find that. So I sought the voice that first reached out to me. It was the missing piece I needed, the puzzle piece I was missing. Once I found it I no longer had a void. I was complete. The one thing that filled my void was God.

Even though this song was written about a girl it states an important truth about God. The girl is missing the same puzzle piece as the boy so even together there is still something missing. They are still incomplete.  Only through Christ can that void be filled. “You’re the missing piece I need, the song inside of me. I need to find you. I gotta find you.”

The song comes from the movie Camp Rock called Gotta Find You.