A friend’s blog about her 30 day journey to minimize life has helped inspire me, in particular a recent post called Live Simply. About a year and a half ago I read a couple books that started to open my eyes to the useless nature of just sending money as a means of solving issues, specifically foreign aid. Ironically this happened just as I was hired by one of the largest NGO’s serving the poor in a local setting. As I wandered through the year I found myself in the possession of another book Radical by David Platt. All these things, mixed with a fantastic book by Michael Horton (check out his radio show) called We believe, have shoved me off the cliff of interpretation into the world of action.

As Carl Marx said “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.” We must step past the point of looking and criticizing and step up to looking and doing. When I look out I see a fallen world, sinful and alone. Christ stepped down into that fallen world and gave us a hope. “Living He loved me, dying He saved me, And buried He carried my sins far away, Rising He justified freely forever, One day He’s coming…” (Glorious Day). Now that we looked how do we change the world? In one chapter of David Platt’s book he talks about a missions trip he was raising funds for. Everyone he talked to was very excited about the trip except for one lady who asked why they were wasting all this money by going themselves instead of sending money where it could be used in a way that got more value out of it. This question shook him up and made him question the very purpose of that trip. Near the end of the trip a local man was sitting talking with David when he thanked him for coming. The man told him that he knew Christ loved him because he sent that group in person and not just money like so many different organizations before. To know that a person is thinking about you and is inspired to reach out in the name of Christ is a powerful expression of how deeply God the Father loves us.

Amor Min. Truck overlooking Tijuana

I have personally wrestled with the money vs. action issue but when you meet someone who says “I had no hope and because you came I have a future”. Is that not what Christ did for us? Christ came to us! A mighty king left his throne so he could give a hopeless world a future! He became our priest and bore the penalty of our sin! He declared a coming age when His Kingdom would be restored! At all times preach the Gospel. Why? Because the Gospel proclaims truth and truth brings hope, a hope in that which restores what has been lost.  “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

What will you do this week to change the world?