How well can you take a compliment? Most people find compliments awkward and uncomfortable. For me I don’t like compliments because I can see my shortcomings despite positive outcomes, while wrestling with my own personal turmoil someone sees the outside and can not see the thorns in my side. Star Trek is great at dissecting our strengths and weaknesses as it places them within alien species. Here is a clip from DS9 that looks at the problem of compliments. Nog (big ears) in this clip is wrestling with loosing his leg in a battle and feeling like he has failed due to his injury.

Part of growing as a community is being vulnerable and open about our strengths and weaknesses. My dad recently showed me a clip from the TED website by Dr. Brene Brown who has made it a profession to study what this means. The clip is 20 minutes but I think it paints a great picture of what Christ has called his Church to be. For the Church to be effective in reaching out as a beacon of truth we must live lives that are vulnerable and real. That means working through each of our weaknesses and understanding our strengths. Compliments are the way we affirm people in their God-given abilities and gifting’s.