After the rain on our Canada Day camping trip.

Life right now is a little more stressful. A number of factors are combining to form a stress cloud larger and more complicated than normal. Work, kids, sickness, finances, right now nothing seems to be going in a helpful direction. I have been through enough stressful times in my life to know that finding the solution usually requires time spent with the only one that can truly help, God. Taking time out is the only thing that brings the peace that only the Spirit can bring. Being still and knowing that He is God brings hope and understanding. Hope in the sense that the Creator of the Universe knows the plans He has for you (Jeremiah 29.11) and wants to be active in our lives. Understanding comes from the hope. Understanding from the fact that God is in control,  nothing happens without His providence. He knows the stress I am facing and cares so much for me that He has not only planned to help me in my physical time of need but also will use it to reveal His glory for all eternity. After the rain everything is stronger, greener and sweeter. I recently ran across a quote, by whom i can’t remember, that reminds us that “we must keep our eyes on God when we pray and not our problems”. It is when we do this that our problems and stresses look so small in the hands of our God.